Vision and Mission

Evantec's practice areas are grounded in three (3) guiding principles that guide and define our corporate values and ethics. Each internal corporate decision and client interaction is measured against our vision and mission.


  • Provide clients with education, learning and development services that exceed the business vision.
  • Ensure participants gain valuable skills.
  • Increase their business and personal capabilities.
  • Change mindset to align with corporate objectives.
  • Continue the learning process after they leave the classroom.
  • Retain knowledge and apply learning to real business issues.
  • Utilize the experience and insight.
  • Apply a new toolset to short- and long-term goals and objectives.


  • Deliver value to clients through understanding their tactical and short-term goals.
  • Develop and cultivate a thorough knowledge of a client's long-range vision and strategy.
  • Deliver services and expertise that will benefit the client today, tomorrow, and for years to come.
  • Apply the right resources to meet the immediate and long-term needs.
  • Continually assess where you have been, where you're going and how to best get there.
  • Don't be afraid to realign and redefine as a client's business grows and evolves.


  • Create and develop a solution that's unique to each client.
  • Assemble and manage a team that's synchronized, creative, innovative and committed to each clients' needs.
  • Stay in tune with their culture and environment.
  • Offer insight and expertise in line with client requirements.
  • Never be afraid to offer alternate views, identify risks and alert clients to trade-offs.
  • Provide open, honest communication to ensure that the solution continues in-line with the desired outcomes and metrics.
  • Develop sound engagements.
  • Plan safely.
  • Communicate openly.
  • Deliver on commitments.
  • Proactively manage and offer unparalleled solutions.

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