Product and Program Management

Full spectrum product, project and program management services to compliment our Learning and Change service offerings
or to augment your existing initiative or product launch team.

Program and Product Management Methodology

The organization and management of resources to deliver all work required to complete a project within the defined scope, time and cost constraints. A project is a one-time and temporary event undertaken to create a unique product, service or result in organization. This is in direct contrast to processes or operations which are permanent or semi permanent ongoing functional work to resulting in the same product or service on a consistent basis. The management of these two systems is different and requires varying skills and philosophies.The three constraints are Time, Scope and Cost. Project management organizes, manages and schedules each constraint. The defined activities that are involved in the completion of the project are chosen to use all resources to achieve the desired objective. The resources include; personnel, time, financial resources, facilities, supplies, communications, quality procedures, risk management, etc.

  1. Plan, Coordinate and Execute
  2. Utilize all resources efficiently and effectively
  3. Ensure control and measurement of success
  4. Strives to maintain the progress and productive mutual interaction of all parties
  5. Determination and Implementation of Needs of the client
  6. The ability to Adapt to Various Internal procedures and form close links with interested parties
  7. The ability to acquire a vision of the entire project, its parts and how it integrates within the whole project.

These seven (7) elements enable us to guide the development of solutions and measure our own success in delivering value to our customers.

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